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• Complimentary Water and Towel Service

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What is the Keiser M3i bike? How is it different from a stationary bike?
It is an award-winning Indoor Cycling bike with Intelligent Cycling capabilities. Every bike has revolutionary computer displays, where riders can monitor their RPM, heart rate, and distance travelled. Bluetooth wireless technology where rider data from bike to smart phone lets riders review their workout performances. Magnetic resistance, sleek-design, the Keiser M3i bikes gives their rider the most silent and smoothest ride! The Keiser M3i is much more fun than riding a stationary bike! Indoor Cycling adds variety and visualization into your workout. With Intelligent Cycling technology, a motivating group setting, energizing music, and inspiring instructors, the average stationary bike can't compete with the Keiser M3i!

New to Indoor Cycling at MAXFIT?
We ask that you please arrive 15 minutes before the class starts. Our instructors will help you get set up on your bike so that you can feel comfortable during your ride!

What do I wear to Indoor Cycling?
Comfortable formfitting pants or shorts on the bottom and a sporting tee or tank on the top. Wear comfortable sneakers or spin shoes! The Keiser M3i bike pedals are double sided meaning they are adaptable for sneakers and/or bike shoes with SPD clips. However, clipping into the bike provides a more stable, safer ride and also allows the rider to target the correct muscle group. 

How Many Calories Will I Burn in an Indoor Cycling Class?
The number of calories you will burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and intensity at which you ride! On average, riders burn about 400-600 calories in a 40-minute Indoor Cycling workout. 

Do I Need to Bring Water or a Towel?
We provide complimentary towel and water service. If you would like to bring your own water bottle and towel, then please do so!

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