Amy & Chris Miller



Our Story


The MAXFIT Experience:


The Connection Between The Body & Mind

Determines The Essence of Our Being.


Our goal is to help you find this connection through an intense, yet supportive variety of inspiring SPINNING® classes, Personal Training, Group Training and Pilates.


Maxfit is New Jersey's original SPINNING® studio. Maxfit is a family owned and operated facility. Husband and wife team, Amy & Chris Miller, are dedicated to making a positive impact on the quality of life of every person who walks into Maxfit.



“We strive to help our clients reach a new level of mindfulness and physical well-being, that can be transferred into their daily lives.”



Chris Miller is a certified NASM personal trainer for over 20 years and a certified Madd Dog Athletics SPIN instructor for over 12 years. Chris is available for private and group fitness training.


Amy Miller is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor and an NASM certified Personal Trainer for 14 years. Amy is available for private sessions on the Reformer.



Train with us. SPIN® with us. Your body and your mind will thank you.